Very difficult & time-consuming to "un-favorite" a product

Hi there,

I have contacted Customer Support on this in the past but, unfortunately, nothing was done on this.

Specifically, my problem is that, every time I want to “un-favorite” a product, I can only do it from “My Favorites” section. Given, however, that I have close to 1.000 Favorite products, every time I have to go through all the pages of “My Favorites” (more than 30 pages) in order to find the one I want to “un-favorite” it.

This is difficult, annoying, unproductive and time-consuming.

I do not understand why we cannot “un-favorite” a product directly from its dedicated Product Page AND from the Collection Pages.

PLEASE do something about it. It’s been more than three months that I first flagged this up with Customer Support but nothing has changed.

Thank you & Best Regards,



Yes. I’d love to unfavorite a product right from that page specifically!

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We appreciate your feedback, and this has been added to our Suggestions Box. I’m so sorry this isn’t something we have been able to implement sooner.

I hope it is something we can get added for you in the near future :smiley:


Hi Amy,

Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to this feature.



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