Vinyl Material

What type of vinyl does everyone use for stencils? I use Oracal Stencil material, not been at all happy, I constantly get bleeds.

Stacy V.

Oracal is my go to… you may need to change the way you are painting. Are you dabbing with a sponge brush or makeup brush? That works best for me.

Yes dab into paint, dab off on a paper towel, then apply to project. You need very little with the stencil on. You can go back in and add more once the stencil is off if needed.

I’ve not liked the stencil material. I just use 651 and peel off before the vinyl has time to cure to the surface.


I don’t use a specific stencil vinyl. I usually just grab a color that I don’t use very often from any that I have available. But definitely dabbing the paint on instead of brushing is the best technique to avoid bleed.

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I have always like 651, never had any problems

You could also try 631 (removable)

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I just ordered a big roll of 631 Hope this works better…

Thank you!


I use 631 as well. Haven’t had any problems as of yet anyway

No problems with bleeds? Do you use a thin coat of modpodge before painting?


I use modpodge first and then make up sponges. Still get bleeds.


Hoping to learn lots from this forum as I am new to vinyl cutting with my Cameo 4.

I bought “Grafix Clear Craft Plastic .007 Thickness” on Amazon its 12" x 12" and you get 25 pages for about $13. It is rather thick for vinyl cutters to cut through and you must use a NEW blade.

Then I tried “Grafix Clear .003 Dura-Lar Film, 9-Inch by 12-Inch, 25 Sheets” for about $8. This is a little flimsy, but it’s much easier for your cutter to cut through.

I’m thinking that I might get some .005 and try that to see if I get the sturdiness I want and the cuttability (new word) that wont stress out my vinyl cutter.

In any case, you will need to tape down the plastic onto your cutting mat, why? Because you want to make sure not to ruin your cut if the plastic should move!

As to your bleeding problem, do you tape down your stencil? Many people don’t. If you do, may I suggest that you use some type of low-tack, re-positionable, adhesive on the back of your stencil to make sure that it stays flat.

And use a light hand. As with most art mediums, it’s always easy to add more color, sometimes hard or impossible to take away color.

Good Luck and have fun!

I’m on a different brand machine, but for sturdy reusable stencils (good for painting or for quilting) I buy a sheet of plastic poster board and cut it down into 12" widths. It does need a bit of fiddling the first time round to get the correct cut settings, but at about $2 for something that will get two 12" x 20" sheets plus a smaller sheet, it’s worth the fiddling.

I have a hard time weeding adhesive vinyl. Heat press vinyl is much easier to weed, any suggestions? thanks

Does anyone use ??? Just curious.

Some of the cutting software out there has a Weeding Effect/Feature. This allows you to add weeding lines to your cut file that will make it easier to weed the adhesive vinyl. HTV is so much easier to weed because it seems to hold together better!

No, this is the first time I have heard of it. Will check it out.

I’ve been most successful with Siser 651vinyl. I make sure that I apply the vinyl, paint or etch immediately and take it off as soon as possible.