Vinyl on the inside or outside of a shadow box frame?

Hello Lovelies,

I’m in a quandary. Not sure what is the best procedure when it comes to adding vinyl lettering to a shadow box frame. Is it best to stick it to the outside of the glass with permanent vinyl, or reverse cut and stick to the inside of the glass?
All opinions welcome :slight_smile:

My thinking is that it would depend on what you are using it for. If you are going to put stuff inside, I would put it on the outside. However if it is just decorative I may put it on the inside.

My thinking too. The box frame has a layered design inside but wasn’t sure if by having the vinyl inside too, it would protect it. Will go with the outside. Thank you

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Not a problem at all, happy to help! :smiley:

The big question is what the underside of the vinyl looks like. Some vinyls are one color on the outside, but something completely different on the sticky side.

A lot depends on the effect you want to achieve, and the environment it will be displayed in.
Exterior applied vinyl is usually easier to read, BUT, they’re also more likely to get picked at/peeled off by onlookers. If you are using vinyl that simulates an etched glass look, you can get different effects by which side of the glass you apply it to, even more by applying material on both sides of the glass.