Want to upload designs to affinity

I REALLY want to buy affinity, tried the trial but couldn’t figure how to upload my designs to work on them. I make earring designs and I am stumped. Is it just cause its the trial version?

I open EPS, SVG, and even PNG files just fine in Affinity Designer, their vector-based application. I’m able to open an EPS and PNG in Affinity Photo their bitmap-based software. The EPS doesn’t look modifiable so it acts like a PNG file. I’m just learning them as I’m transitioning from CorelDRAW to Affinity software. I picked them up during their 1/2 sale.

Affinity Designer is capable of opening many raster and vector file formats directly. Designer also imports PDF and Adobe PSD files, and exports a range of raster file formats and the PSD file format.

I’m also not sure what limitations the trial version has. Hit their forums if someone doesn’t come up with better/more help for you.

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