Watercolor Floral Pack...my first take on combining images

hello everybody! greetings from germany! :wave:

i am a newbie regarding digis, but these bundles make it so fun and easy.
i used one of the bouquets (No.1 in the file) and combined it with some leaves (No. 14,15,19 in the file).

it is size A6 (Postcard-Size) and i will be making cards for a beneficial sale with it.
the image will later be glued on cardstock to make it sturdy and have a nice contrast frame around it.

wishing you all a wonderful day! :heart:


Hi 10180d8efd5357809845167fe2dc764a, I love the prints! :heart_eyes:

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thank you so much, dear 38194277b6777ba5c05b186c2d83f8b7 :heart_eyes:

Did you print these on a regular printer on watercolor paper? What program did you use to make the flowers and leaves?
Lovely note cards.

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dear michelle,
thank you for your kind words! :heart:

The image was printed on watercolor paper (that one on the right side of the pic).
It is inexpensive but has a very good quality.
It had a little texture on it, but my printer (hp deskjet 2720) printed so fine on it.
For adding the mentioned extra leaves i simply used word…no special programme…worked like a charm!
I simply copied all the images from the file into my word object and then added them until i liked the look of the complete bouquet, then i grouped it in word. So i could easily copy it into another project, if necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

wishing you a wonderful day :heart:

Thank you for answering me, Silvia. I’m planning on printing on watercolor paper (a cold press) when I refill my ink tanks on the printer. Stay safe and healthy, Silvia!


Very pretty!

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thank you so much! :grin:

Very pretty

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that is so kind! thank you! :grinning:

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They are very pretty. I wish I could draw.

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thank you! :heart_eyes:

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thanx a lot! :grin:

i love it. its so beautiful

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you are so kind, thank you! :heart_eyes: