Watermarks remain on svg download

I purchased the Fathers day bundle from SVGDEN and the watermarks are on the file, causing it not to cut correctly. How can I be refunded or get a corrected copy of the file. I have tried deleting and downloading again, but they are still there

@Erin_B Are they on a separate layer? If they are, you could delete that layer.

No they are not. And I tried to release compound path, but there were still a ton of tiny little dots in a criss cross pattern that are showing up, and are not released; so I can only delete about half of the watermark. And its not even the whole image. Its like it removed on some of the parts, but not on others. It really made me think it was a corrupt file. I tried to reinstall, but the same thing keeps happening. Its very strange. I opened it in Silhouette and inkscape to make sure it was a problem with the file and not a program.

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Did you message the designer?

Hi Erin! Yes, I would email the designer directly. Iā€™m sure they will be able to get you the correct file. If not, then definitely reach out to DB customer service.

Hi Erin, if you like you can also contact us at customer support we will be happy to look into this and get you a working file :slight_smile: Mail@fontbundles.net

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