Weird newbie question

This may sound odd because I have been a crafter for quite some time, but I have no idea what Sublimation is. Is it easy? Is it kinda like Vinyl? :thinking:

Sublimation is a more permanent solution than vinyl – I would recommend watching this video as it helped explain so much for me! 52c6224282913e1d74fa2a1eded5802a

Very helpful video. Thank you Jordyn

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Wow! That was a lot of information, thank you Jordyn. I always love me a a Becky video :smiley:

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You’re welcome 36ac131bbc37f0bc66f0aa9e1713a0d0 and e1a9d4e39188dbfd794d6295a0616360 :heart:

Becky’s videos are great