What are these fonts called?

What are the fonts called that have graphic elements built in to the letters. Such as cat paws in letters or hearts built in to the parts of the physical letters

I believe you are thinking of dingbats :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought dingbats are symbols in place of an actual letter. The fonts I’m referring to have an actual letter with a heart or paw incorporated into the actual letter. Example the letter “I” with a heart in the middle of the I. Or, a cats paw that is incorporated into the center of a “W”. I’m not sure if I’m able to describe this properly.

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Oh I’m sorry I misread that! (Trying to multi-task lol) Have you tried looking at display fonts? On Font Bundles, go to “regular” fonts, one of the subcategories will be display. This is one of the fonts you’ll find there.