What are your favorite ways to organize your craft space?

Hello Everyone!

I have just started on here. Right now I am in Quarantine, as I’m sure a lot of you are. I have started to really dig in deep and organize and put my craft room together. I have a lot of paper, dies, stamps, embellishments, etc. I have started putting my stamps in dies into same sized pouches, 8 1/2×11 paper is in magazine holders, and I have embellishments in divided plastic containers. I have a lot of other stuff that I still need to organize! I will probably post some photos once done!

Share with me your crafty organization tips!


I’m still trying to set things in MY mind in order to start categorize my stuff and put them in order, bit I’m totally lost on doing It.

I use to have a whole room for my craft space, now I have a walk in closet which holds my embroidery machine and supplies. When I have big projects I will bring it or my cutting machine to the kitchen table. One day I will have a room again :pray:t2: :smiley:

I love seeing others craft spaces, so if anyone has one to brag about share away so I can be in awe!

my entire space is a mess at the moment. Would love to hear how your organizing!

I currently only have a corner in our living room, but I have a 3x3 cube and a desk. I also have one of those ikea drawers to store my 651 and 631. Ohh and I have one of those plastic three drawer storage things for my physical items like can coolers and such.

Oh mine is a big mess right now, but it is a lot better than what it was. I actually made a mess to organize my mess! Haha.


Those cube storage are awesome! They hold a lot! I have 3 in my family room, lined up together, and I put bins in the bottom 2 rows, so I could put my daughters toys in them. And the top row and top of it is to put my little decor items, picture frames, etc.


They really do! I need to reorganize my craft area lol!

Start small. Do one small thing. Like empty out a bag or box. Put all your paper in a pile, then all your stamps in a pile. Just put everything that is like each other into a pile. So you’ll have a mess. But it will be piles of stuff that need to be organized together.

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I’m starting small. My dies and my stamps were my first thing to go to. I already had some decorative magazine holders from Dollar tree that I organized my 8 1/2×11 paper in. So I finally put those together and lines them up on a shelf. I put some of my 12x12 paper in a plastic crate. I am now using Altenew pouches to organize my stamps into same size packaging. And I have used Deflecto magnet sheets to put my dies on and I am putting them in pouches similar to the altenew ones.

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I use cube storage for most of my things, I have an old school locker for things I don’t want shown and tubberware for different side crafts so I know where all the things are for my screenprinting, epoxy cups etcs. Of course it doesn’t matter how organized I am my craft space is a mess!

Vinyl Storage596×592 58.5 KB


That’s a Nice Idea!!

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I do things pretty cheaply when it comes to my organizers. I like to use tin cans, and I wrap them in jute cord to make them look rustic and a bit nicer; I use those for any kind of tool that can be stored in a pencil cup. I have also collected clementine crates and used them to organize things, since they stack pretty nicely. I have stored all sorts of different items in my clementine crates. I store my paper scraps in a large binder, I use clear scrapbook pages and organize my scraps by color. I don’t know what your crafting budget is like but those are a few things I like doing to save some money. Hope this helps!


My craft room is a total mess…overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I keep saying I’m just gonna dig in, but I seem to find anything to do but that. I’m still working full time though…I kinda wish I was off for just a week or two, lol. I love being at home and want to see other people’s organizing and maybe I will get inspired to move my butt into gear, lol. Share away plz:)

Blessings to all the sick…

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I love cheap storage. I love tins! I actually have a collection of them from thrift stores and I have thrown some beads, jewelry making stuff, etc into my tins.


I was very overwhelmed too. Like I have let it stay in a horrible state for a very long time before deciding I need to get my butt in gear. I suffered the loss of my father and just didnt go into my craft room for a year. I continued to buy craft stuff, but never put it away or organized it. I finally started to get out of my funk and this pandemic hit. I had to take these week off work, since I work in the school system, and I really have been trying. The first 2 weeks of the pandemic, I let it sit. But this past week or so, I have tried very hard to get somewhere. And I finally feel like I am.


That it so me… I got in a funk, didn’t do anything in craft room but add more stuff (and cram that in little places everywhere since the craft room is full). My husband gets mad but I just couldn’t get up and get to it. I even say I’m gonna do this, but then don’t… This may just inspire me to get something done. I hope anyway. I need to make a list and start checking it off…that seems to help me sometimes…makes it ‘look’ like I’m accomplishing something. Thanks for sharing…it helps to know I’m not the only one who has this going on…

Sorry for your loss…it’s hard I know. I lost my dad and then several other family members over that past 4 years…it’s tough to pick yourself back up…very tough. Good luck with your organizing:) And, I’m sure our dad’s are looking down and saying, “Ok, it’s time, get to it and smile again!”. :hugs: :smile:

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That sounds just like my experience. I am finally just now feeling like I can get stuff done. But I cant do it without listening to an audible book too.

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Same here!!!

I am, by nature. a hoarder of all kinds of crafting supplies. My craft room had been boxed up about fifteen years ago when the kids were young. As needed, I would purchase new supplies as I needed them, knowing I had those same supplies in boxes in my mother-in-law’s basement. So, when one of my kids moved to their own apartment, I inherited their bedroom.

As I unboxed all the boxes, I realized there was no way all my stuff would fit. Organizing that much stuff is overwhelming, so I did what does not come natural to me… I purged. I sat in front of each box with the trash bag to one side and a box for donations to the other. Each item went to one of those or was immediately put in its place. I had another box across the room where I put items I was undecided because of sentimental value or the cost to replace. When the undecided box was full, I had to decide to make room for another item to enter it.

I cried, I argued with myself, trashed some, donated a lot. If it was easily replaceable, it was donated. For example, I kept my late mother’s crochet hooks, but donated all but one skein of yarn. I do not crochet, although Mama taught me how. If I decide to do it again, I have a skein to practice with while I search for exactly the yarn I wish to purchase. I also, having home-schooled my three for all their school lives, had lots of crayons and glue and such. I kept 2 glue bottles and a set of crayons, and donated the rest.

I still have a ways to go, but it will all fit in my new workroom. I have no room for cute and efficient organizers, as my room is filled with furniture from my childhood I refuse to part from. Instead, I use those antique cabinets, buffet, table and shelves for my storage.

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