What are your favourite fonts from the Plus section?

As a self confessed font addict, I love the Plus hub! I have the Gold membership which means I can use my points to purchase up to 50 new fonts each month without breaking the bank.

There is so much choice and I am always stumbling across some hidden gems I have never seen before.
I thought sharing a few of our favourites would be a great way to discover even more!
So… what have been some of your favourite finds?
Here are some of mine:

Market Walkin is such a fun font! I love the quirky feel of this one.

Rabbity is great for Easter projects right now! You can add some cute bunny ears or a cotton tail :rabbit:

Monogramia is awesome for making gifts! Those swirly tails and heart shapes are really pretty.


Ohhhh I love the Plus Fonts and glad you didn’t make me choose just one :joy:

Princess Cali

Berry Adorable

Magic Potion


Ooo that would be tough! I’m not that mean :rofl:
Great choices! Love ‘Princess Cali’ :heart:


Foooooonnnnntttttsssss… Yes, please! I also thank you for not setting a limit LOL I just went Plus Font Shopping and found some cute ones again:

It’s font heaven :sparkling_heart:


You’re welcome :wink: Great choices! I hadn’t seen ‘Baked Alaska’! I really like that one.

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Ohhhh good choices @NathalieLesage :heart_eyes:

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I love market walkin! I need that one!

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I’m a passionate fonthoarder and spent like 90% of my Plus credits on fonts. :smile:

Here are some of my faves:



Noisy Kids

Lemon Pickles

The Pastels


Can anyone tell me how I can post links with pictures? :face_with_monocle:

It looks like you added those with the link button. Is that right?
To add links in the way I did, you will just need to paste the link straight into the main text area without using the link tool :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much, @Stephanie_J. :kissing_heart: Trying it again now:


You’re very welcome :kissing_heart:
I love the font ‘Lemon Pickles’

I love those picks @writingandstyle! I need to go add some of these to my collection!

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Thanks, @Kalie. There’s so many, many pretty fonts included in the Plus subscription.

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Oh these are both so cute!

The ones I picked up recently that I really liked are Mahsetta and Maebry:


I like this one!

I added both to my favorites bc I already used my credits. Next month!

Maebry is very pretty! :heart_eyes:

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I feel like I need to check out the Plus section after viewing this post. :slight_smile: