What can i make with a Cricut machine?

What kind of projects and crafts can I make with my Cricut?

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All of the things!

All jokes aside, you can do so many things using a Cricut. Some things that the Cricut can cut are vinyl, paper card stock, thin wood, and that is just to name a few.

Popular projects include making decals that you then turn around and place on your car, windows, cups, create pantry labels, and with the right wall safe vinyl, even HUGE wall decals. You can use HTV (which is heat transfer vinyl) to make shirts, personalize bags and baby blankets. You can use card stock to create beautiful 3D villages, wall flowers and lightboxes. With the Cricut maker (with the right blade) you can even cut fabric!

You can personalize so many items, create amazing DIY gifts, and more. Some crafters even use these machines to run small businesses and make a living! The sky is the limit with the Cricut machine. My suggestion is to try everything to find out what type of project speaks to you and you enjoy doing the most. I know you are going to LOVE your Cricut.