What file type should I open when opening a file in Silhouette Studio?

The file type you will open in Silhouette Studio will depend on a few things -

If you purchase from the Silhouette Store you will receive a Studio file. This is the only place you should be getting Studio files as they are proprietary of Silhouette America.

For purchases elsewhere you will open up these file types -

When you purchased your Cameo it came with a standard edition of the Studio software which is called the Basic Edition. If you have this edition you will want to open the DXF file.

If you upgrade to Designer or Business Edition (which is recommended) you will have the ability to open SVG files.


I instantly upgraded to designer+, I just did not want to waste valuable crafting time and frustration with the limited use of basic. I dont get to craft as often as I want so the upgrade gave better features and a better learning curve!! Business next!!

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I agree the upgrade is the way to go! :heart:

Here is a link to compare the features available in each iteration of Silhouette Studio -