What Graphic Package does everyone use?

I use illustrators, photoshop, affinity designer, haven’t worked much on my photo or publisher. I do some on my ipad with graphic, affinity designer, inkpad and starting to look into vectornator x


Great question! Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate on a day-to-day basis.

Occasionally: Glyphs App (Mac), 3DSMax & Substance.

Procreate on iPad.


Got procreate too, I do so much coping at my job, I don’t create as much as I like, but I like having the programs so I can, I mainly use illustrator, I would probably use designer more, but they don’t have warping and tracing in their software yet.

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I use Illustrator, XD and Photoshop most of the time, but I also like Fresco for making quick sketches (probably an overkill, but it comes in handy on my surface). I also use figma.com, especially for quickly building UI stuff - it’s great for sharing and working in a team!

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I use illustrator occasionally Photoshop only just getting back into after upgrading my 6.5 yr old laptop


I use AI and PS regularly for my SVG designs. I letter and design with Procreate on my iPad :smiley: I also use Glyphs and FontSelf for font creating :smiley:


I really like inkscape and love my surface pro sketchbook.


I use Illustrator to create designs. And although I have Photoshop, for most of my listing preview images I use Photopea.com simply because it’s 99% like Photoshop but opens a lot faster. I also like that it’s Freeware, which means I recommend it to people who are looking for a free alternative to PS.

I also like In Design for if I have to create any instructions to go with a particular design.


Affinity Suite + Canva


I use the Adobe package, I have access to all of them but mainly use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, depending on what I’m doing :slight_smile:

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All Adobe programs Id, Ai, Ps

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For sublimation I use Photoshop. For HTV and outdoor vinyl I use Flexisign Pro. I come from a sign shop background and have a soft spot for Flexisign.

I am not a big fan of Adobe because of their rent-an-app approach but do use (rent) InDesign CC. Affinity Designer for vector (also FreeHandMX) and Affinity Photo and an older non-CC Photoshop. Just downloaded Affinity Publisher but haven’t fully tried it yet.

I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Affinity Designer and Photo and sometimes Canva if I’m in a rush.

I use photoshop mainly as I have the adobe setup but depends what I’m making x

I really like the idea of affinity and buying the program, I’m just disappointed that they don’t have warp or trace yet. They said someday, but like I’ve told them Corel had that since day 1. I haven’t done much with inkscape. I do like designer with all the easy changes to different basic vectors.

In order of usage: Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate.Illustrator is used about 95% of the time. I basically only use Procreate to play on. I have other tablet apps but none of them are a replacement for the Adobe products. YMMV.

Use mostly Photoshop and also ProCreate on the iPad. PS on the iPad is still taking some getting used to!

I just recently started using Illustrator more and I am loving it! On my iPad I tend to use Affinity more than Procreate because it can save things as SVGs.

I use Photoshop 99% of the time! I use Super Vectorizer 2 whenever I need to make SVG’s of my designs for one website I use.

I have Procreate on my iPad, and use it a bit to turn my sketches into PNGs.