What have you crafted this week? - (Week beginning 6th April 2020)

Very sparkley! Love them :heart:


Oh that’s a great idea @Rachel_J. I think my daughter would enjoy that too!

This week I’m working on two things. First, I’m making masks for my family and friends (picture attached). Second, I’m fighting a glitter tumbler. The tumbler is winning. I’ll post the atrocity after it dries.


I’ve been working on masks off and on. I kind of got sick with what my doctor thinks is covid (I tested negative, but apparently there’s an up to 25% false negative rate, and he says since my symptoms match up and I’ve been sick and running fever for three freaking weeks now that I should assume I have it and act accordingly).

So, since I’ve been dealing with that fun I started by sewing masks by hand. That’s a slow process, if you didn’t know! After my fourth mask I decided to try and figure out my mom’s sewing machine (we all live together), and I’ve made a few more. I have plans for many more, but I can only work in small bits of time.

However, I am not complaining. Three weeks of coughing and fever is totally doable since I haven’t needed to go to the hospital. I’ll gladly take it over some of the worse outcomes. And hey, I get to spend extra time with my husband, which is always wonderful!


Tons of shirts, cofee mugs, and earrings!

I have been working on pocket hugs, for people to send to their loved ones while we are all isolated :slight_smile:


Oh those are cute @Anna_M. What a lovely idea :heart:

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Tammy-I really like this! Where are you finding the flour sack and are you just using the iron on vinyl? Thanks

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I find them at Walmart with the other dish towels. They usually keep them on the very bottom shelf for some reason. You can buy a pack of 10 or a pack of 5. If you get the pack of 10 then they only cost you 96 cents a piece so you can make a good profit off of these. I am using the HTV with the heat press and on some I used my Easy press. I have never used an iron but I am sure if you ask about an iron someone will know what to tell you and I know some people use an iron. Hope this helps.

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These are so cute! How do you cut the wood shapes?

Thanks! My husband cut them for me - he has a band saw and also a hand scroll saw. I printed some shapes on cardstock and others I drew by hand and then used those for patterns.

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I’m catching up on reading the Design Forum blogs. Found your post. I have a Cricut, and haven’t made anything with HTV, yet. Your towels are the perfect project to start.
I’m thinking about purchasing an Easy Press. I just need to find enough reasons to make the purchase.
Thanks for the fantastic idea

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I love my easy press so much that I even bought the mini easy press that looks like the iron. I love them both. I bought the largest easy press first. But if you do a lot of htv you will love it.

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Thanks Tammy_S2

Stay well and healthy