What if a product disappears from the PLUS products category?

Hi, I was wondering what happens if I have “purchased” a PLUS product (i.e. I have added it to my Account) but I have not downloaded it yet and it disappears from the PLUS Products Category?

I recently realized that the following: https://designbundles.net/plusstore/412998-funny-bathroom-quotes-svg product is not in the PLUS Category.

I may have not “purchased” it but what would happen if I had purchased it? Would I still be able to download it (even though it has disappeared)?

And, if I could not download it anymore, would I be compensated automatically for the PLUS Point I had expensed to “purchase” it?



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Hi! That’s a great question, and I’m very glad you asked about this.

Once you’ve purchased a product, whether it’s in the Plus Hub or the regular marketplace, it’s accessible to you to download forever. A product can be removed from the site, but what has been sold remains licensed and you can continue using it and will continue to have access to it to download anytime.

Once you have ‘purchased’ a Plus product, it will always be removed from your pool of available Plus products - but you can always download your Plus purchases here: https://designbundles.net/plus-purchases

As Nathalie mentioned, even if it is removed from the marketplace altogether, you will still have access to download :slight_smile:

I actually noticed it does go off the available – But the thing that bugs me is someone or somehow a new version of the same set of elements is added with a slightly different name, and then I see it, not realize I already have something like it, and get it again.

I’ve started printing out for inventory and cataloging purposes everything I download - where it is stored (I have two external drives) so I can see if I already have it.

Hi @Ronni_E can you provide an example of similar duplicate/updated products - I’d like to pass this back to the team to have them look into this further.

We wouldn’t want customers to to essentially repurchase the same product twice :slight_smile:

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Let me see if I can find them in my account

Thank you, Nathalie. That’s a relief.



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Yes, I saw Nathalie’s reply. Thank you very much, Amy!



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I think I know how I am getting duplicates - and I don’t see how to notify us other to mark the bundle components?

For example today I was going to get from the Plus store

However I looked at the leaves and thought - I just saw this recently in my file system and sure enough it was from a Bundle I purchased.

I can see similarities - however after looking at the files, I can confirm they aren’t the same product. I believe you will see products that are similar, especially water color elements - it’s an incredibly popular type of art.

However, the products you will find in the Plus Hub have been sold exclusively to Font Bundles or have been created strictly for the Plus membership. They cannot be sold anywhere else.

If you do find any that are identical, let us know and we can investigate.

Thank you Amy for looking into this.

Then something is amiss here because I already have this one and I had rated (5 yellow stars) it but it shows up in the available to download/purchase in the Plus space, and searching through my items with the word tropical doesn’t show that I did download it.

Downloaded ‎December ‎15, ‎2018, ‏‎2:23:07 AM

BUT I noticed something - and I really hope it is not the case - that nothing before a specific date is showing up in the Plus area purchase list.

Steps to reproduce: (Not sure if it’s a number of files or age of account - and yes my previous Career was SQA for 30+ years)

1: Go to your Plus account area
2: Select from the menu - Purchases (Mine shows Purchases (528)
3: Sort Order set to by OLDEST (Says 528 products in your purchase section)
4: Notice the oldest date showing at the top - Mine doesn’t go back to 2018 (to be exact my Plus subscription Fri 11/30/2018 3:47 PM )

Flipped the order of the sort to Newest and went to the last page available and it still shows only to April 2019

So this got me thinking though I can’t recall exactly when DB switched to the New Plus Model - which if my account information is correct - was March 2019. That means all of the stuff I downloaded from the PLUS area from Nov 2018- to Mid April 2019 isn’t showing as up as downloaded

Can someone confirm this is an issue or just my account?

Thank you @Ronni_E I’ve just sent you a message - I’d like to take a look at your account from our end to see if I can spot what has happened.

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For anyone else who is curious - Plus purchases made prior to 03/01 are actually listed in your regular purchase history: https://designbundles.net/downloads – this is where they have always shown up :smiley: They did not move over to the Plus Hub ‘purchases,’ when the new Plus membership was released.

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