What is your chosen base Character Set?

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Obviously it would be great to include every single option - every language, every ligature, every piece of punctuation, etc - in a character set, but what’s the most basic set of characters that you use when creating your fonts?


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I generally go with English and basic punctuation. However, I intend on going back through my fonts and adding various elements so the fonts can be used for other languages as well.

Hello @SugarBearStudio – Is there a protocol for contacting designers when you see they’ve made updates to fonts of theirs you already own? For example, I have a font from another site that I purchased as part of a bundle and noticed the designer added swashes.

I hope my question makes sense. I was scrolling and your mention of adding elements to your previous fonts caught my attention.

Thank you!

You can message them and ask them about it, honestly I’m sure many would be happy to hear that you bought their font! As for updating customers, unfortunately on some sites you can’t see who customers are so you can’t tell them you added. However I know on Font Bundles, you can write on your wall and let people know you’ve updated. I’ve even went to the point of writing UPDATED before the actual title so people know.


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That’s a great question. I have had some font ideas but have no idea how to actually make it!

Hi, Chad! I’d recommend always including the 95 characters in the Basic Latin set and the 96 characters of Latin-1 Supplement at the very bare minimum. With those, your font can generally be used for English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and several other western European languages.

The template I use when creating a new font has just over 520 characters in it – including a bunch of Combining Diacritical Marks, and over 300 accented characters from the Latin Extended-A, Latin Extended-B, and Latin Extended Additional sets. I also include some Currency Symbols, Mathematical Operators, General Punctuation, and a scattering of characters from several other Unicode sets.


The wealth of glyphs available is one of the things I like best about your fonts, @MissyMeyer!

Thank you, @writingandstyle! Though I always feel like there are more to include. :rofl:

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BJD, you can contact (possibly) the artist of the font, and tell them of your purchase of their font, where you bought it, etc., and ask them. I’d include a copy of your receipt, the purchase order, the purchase date, etc., If the bundle was all their fonts you may have better luck, but often times, those bundles are a composite of many artists work, and the artists get minimal pay for them, so they may not be open to sending out updates.

As far as what they should include in the font set? All the basic glyphs, their accented versions, all of the numerals, and punctuation. Beyond that it depends upon what my intended purpose for the font is. For fancier fonts, say an ornate victorian, I would look at alternate glyphs, ligatures. and the specialty things that would help it sell to that market. With the internet, it’s a much bigger market (the world) so looking at other languages and cultures, you have a, potentially, much bigger market to sell to.