What is your favorite thing to design?

I like to design paper cut outs, single line designs, and svgs that do not have text.


Oh, nice I like to design characters, mostly how each own has it own personality keeping the same design line :relaxed:


My favourite thing to create is amusing quote designs :smile: I like to think they will hopefully bring some joy

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Yes mostly I’m this times

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I just love flowers…when I doodle that is what I naturally start drawing. I also love gardening, so that works out quite nicely.


I love gardening mostly cause I like to cook and with gardening I can have fresh herbs

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I love to do Subway Art!



I like to design mandalas, seamless patterns, cartoon characters, mockups :slight_smile:

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Like Sarah, flowers seem to be my favorite thing and they get put into patterns, illustrations, etc. I tend to lean towards more vintage designs/colors with lots of texture and have really gotten into creating cute animal characters and just recently made my first clip art set.


i love designing almost anything. I love doing flowers, paper lanterns, gift boxes and anything i can use in scrapbbooking or card making or vinyl

I’ve been on a 3D Mandala making spree for a few weeks and I LOVE making them!!
Today, I got back into making cross stitch patterns and who knows what tomorrow will bring!!
I love being able to design many different things!!
It keeps me busy and out of trouble!! :wink: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

11-small small
small small

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I design cat and dog related tote bags using HTV or Printable Heat Transfers. I buy some designs and make many of my own…


Wow. That’s beautiful. I have my cricut maker and easy press. I’m still finding my way around them. I have tried using HTV and I love it. I made this apron for my friend. One tip I can pass is don’t put glitter iron on over glitter iron on. It sticks and lifts the bottom layer.

I want to try making some totes.

It’s amazing hearing from people all over the world.

Happy crafting everyone
Merle Tanya

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I love making things in general, but I tend to bounce around a lot. Sometimes I’m really into fiber arts, so I’ll be trying to learn to knit or crocheting my fingers off.
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I love working with graphics, and worked as a digital artist for years. I can get lost designing text… I’m ashamed to say how long I’ll spend choosing a font, tweaking the kerning, manually adjusting little bits I’m not happy with until everything is just right. It’s neurotic.

I also love painting and drawing, and keep a small sketchbook in my bag along with basic drawing tools.


I also really like sewing, just making my own thing.


Oh, and jewelry! Sometimes I like to make jewelry!


Come to think of it, I just like making things. It keeps me sane.

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Hi Merle. The apron you made is very pretty, you did a great job! I would like a Cricut Maker but so far my Explore Air 2 does everything I need it to do and I also have an Easy Press. I only know of one brand of HTV that you can layer glitter iron on and that is Heat Transfer Source but as with any HTV you need to use enough pressure. I wouldn’t have known about their glitter htv if I hadn’t been in their Facebook group.

Have a great day!

Hi Laynie

I love your crochet stuff. I too am a “Jane of all trades”. I bounce from my cricut to crochet to card making to hair bows and the list goes on…

I am currently studying towards my teaching degree however I told my husband I want to change careers.

My new job title would be “ Maker of Pretty Things”

My latest creation

Happy crafting


Hi Merle!

Thanks so much! I find a lot of peace when I’m working on a repetitive craft like crocheting. I compare it to meditation…my mind calms and I get lost in the happy act of putting the hook through the yarn and building up my fabric.

Designing other things is a bit less meditative, and often filled with rude language. I’ve been known to call my craft room “the swearing room.” (I should make myself a sign that says “the swearing room- enter at your own risk!”)

That arrangement is really lovely! Maker of Pretty Things would be a fantastic job title!

I’ve said for years that my primary goal in life is to learn everything. I know I’ll fail, but DAMN what a ride!

I love looking at all these creations. I must make more time for crafting, I love the feeling of finishing something and being proud of it. :smiley:


I love designing book covers, but resources wise I love to design beautiful quotes etc.