What Questions Do You Have About DesignScape?

We have a growing list of bba4a1490f8208c743b8ffc33e0f0024, but we’re always interested in knowing what else you want to know!

If you are getting stuck with anything or have any questions at all, please let us know and we’d be happy to help :slight_smile:



I just realized I accidentally put this message in your utube channel. Sorry

I have watched all you videos in designscape and they have been helpful. I am brand new to this and trying to customize a purchased Svg file to make it my own. Like replacing a word or change color. Also I am trying to make this design to go on a 300z tumbler using crucut print vinyl. I used your link to go to the design bundles community forum, but didn’t find info useful to what I’m trying to do. Are you able to guide me? Thanks in advance!

Hi 0f3bfcad5258ab43439e65ec2a593575 welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You should be able to change the design color by following this guide: 863a5b3edbe59a4f3d337079b7b5de88

As for replacing the word, you may need to ungroup the layers and then click on one of the eyeballs on the layer you don’t want. Then you could 79be7170dbc75f85556c4f4b4dfc9e9d and then type your new word.

As for the tumbler – do you have the template you need? I’m not 100% familiar with making tumbler wraps, but I would think that if you make the design fit your template / canvas size you should be able to save as a PNG?

I’m just getting started with working more on using elements for creating my own designs for stickers and/or sublimation. I already subscribe to a smaller DB plan and I also use Canva (which I do like). I’m wondering if it would be easier/ better to upgrade my DB plan to gold to get designscape and not do Canva anymore. I know I’d get more benefits from the gold package for the money so that’s not a concern. I haven’t seen a lot of tutorials or info on Designscape many places yet, so I’m not sure if it would have the capabilities I need (which being new, are few as of now. Haha) but also be easy to navigate and work in like Canva is.
I also use Canva for designing calendars, chore charts, trackers, etc for personal use. Are these able to be made in Designscape?
Thanks so much for your all’s help with everything!

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Hi dc2bfc74f26dd4ad7004bc1c1f16de05 – what types of functions do you need for the calendars, etc? This will better help me understand how to answer your questions :slight_smile:

Mainly I make shapes and import premade tracker templates I can removed backgrounds from for some of the items. I will upload and remove backgrounds of some of the images (if there isn’t one that’s a premade template similar to what I need to start with in Canva) and then I’ll use the shapes tools to do squares and outlines and the like and then move the things around as needed to fit the layout I need for each page (specific to kid, bills, groceries, appts, etc).
I love the ease of the learning curve that Canva has and I’m hoping Designscape is similar. I would LOVE to be able to have one program/ plan I pay for that has all the extra bonuses that DB offers with their plans.

Hi, I’m super stuck on something that is probably very simple to do. How do I cut out a shape (example star) from another image. I tried rasterize but am only getting rectangle! I’m definitely having a brain freeze :rofl: Help.

Hi, I’m really new to designscape. I have a couple of questions. I’m using a clipart design of a girl and would like to change the colour of her dress, only. Also if the dress is blue and has white flowers or dots on it, can I change the dress colour leaving the white in place? Also after changing a design how do I move it into Silhouette Studio for printing and cutting? Thanks so much. :grin: