What type of competition do you want to see?

Hi everyone! What types of competitions do you enjoy? You can see our 4a008ad3820d1dfb31172def90604484. I’d love to get your feedback on what you like participating in, and what prizes you would enjoy going forward! :heart:


I enjoy competitions where we share our crafts, but the pay it forward and earth day ones were also nice. Perhaps there could be something on a patriotic theme for May or July - unless you don’t want it focused on the United States; if so, then it could be a theme about sharing crafts that highlight one’s nationality. A summer theme is always fun, so crafts that celebrate the outdoors could be one. For winter, you could do something about giving - crafts we make as gifts perhaps, or gifts of kindness. As far as prizes, plus credits are great. Not sure what else could be offered as prizes, but anything is appreciated and makes the competitions fun.


Thanks for your insight 16abcdf00a731f34edcf9bfa1b6f4795 :heart: I do think the ones where you share your crafts are pretty fun!

Any competition which makes us win Plus Credits :grin:


Just a small idea building on the Earth Day theme, and the creative nature of everyone - I think something everyone everywhere cherishes are animals so perhaps there could be a competition to design an asset that could be used to bring attention to any particular loved animal…favourite designs are then curated into an animal lovers pack that could be sold with proceeds going to various protective charities as well as designers shout outs - raising awareness and funds for our animal friends whilst highlighting designers and giving them a bit of positive publicity too…:wink:


Hi fd6d2054c65b51abad96f62e92c22504 I love that idea! In my product shop I have an entire Charity Collection for animals and it’s my most favorite thing I’ve done! :heart:

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Competition Ideas:

  • Bundle Giveaway
  • Show a picture of your garden
  • A caption this/name this contest
  • Best photo
  • Quiz/trivia contest (could be trivia about Design Bundles!)
  • Video Contest – what you love about Design Bundles
  • Tell us your story – how did you find Design Bundles?


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Show a picture of your garden is a perfect Competition Idea.

Remember Cinco de Mayo for our neighbors to the immediate south, and Canada Day (July 1) for our neighbors to the north!
Last year I licensed a couple of Plus designs to make a “Happy Canada Day” card for the teddy bear I got years ago in Halifax :smile:

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If you have one :crazy_face:

Yes, this! This is why we are here. To be able to purchase what we need for our projects.

I would fully support this. Passionate about animals

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Agreed, there is so much to choose from

Yes. I love going through everything page by page to find what I need