What type of mockups would you like to see?

What type of mockups are you looking for? Is there a specific theme you need?


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I like phone case mockup,

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I currently need 5x7 and 8x10 frames styled all cute so I don’t have to LOL :joy:

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Ohhhh that’s a great idea! :hearts:

Ohhh, I never even thought about phone cases! Great Idea! :bulb:

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please excusse my stupidity but how does one use a mockup? I have seen several wonderful ones but I do not know how to apply them

I personally use them in Photoshop and just place my PNG file over the mockup. Some people use Canva, Design Space, or Silhouette for making their mockups - but I’ve found Photoshop to be the fastest for me :slight_smile:

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Happy to help Laurie! What design program are you using, I may have a guide I can share with you :slight_smile:

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I would like a A5 notebook and Pen pot mock up would be fab.

Love to see tumbler mock-ups

Phone case,

more of Workout Tshirt mockups

Fabric swatches and artwork paper randomly spread on table with paper bunch…

I’d like more can coolers especially in all available colors

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Oh that’s a great one! I will definitely add that to my list!

I occasionally make visual helpers, posters and aides for children and can never find the right mock up to put them on, like a frame by a bed or certain walls, its a very specific need

I’d like to see Kitchen Towels!

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I don’t see a lot of bathroom mockups.

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I would like to see a lot more variety of mockups for Dollar Tree common DIY items.