What's the Difference Between OTF and TTF?

All of the fonts on Font Bundles come with OTF and TTF, and I bet at some point you’ve wondered - what the heck is the difference?!

OTF (Open Type Font)

OTF is a newer version of font files, and it allows for more extra characters and glyphs to be included in one font file. Those fancy swashes, extra characters, and automatic ligatures are easily accessible in OTF fonts. I recommend installing the OTF font file.

TTF (True Type Font)

TTF is an older format of font and is still around because OTFs aren’t fully supported by all software yet (90% of all commonly used software does now support OTFs, but there are some exceptions). It doesn’t include many of the advanced features that OTFs do, like automatic ligatures.

Ps… all of our fonts at Font Bundles come PUA ended. PUA Encoded fonts effectively take all of the fancy glyphs which aren’t available to users of most software, and places them into the ‘Private Use Area’ which is fully available to use by anyone, using the Character Map (PC) or Font Book (Mac). Click here to read how to access extra characters on a PC and click here for Mac.

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Thanks! I always wondered what the difference was too!

It is not as straight forward as that if you read through this thread. I still haven’t figured a good way to define it. but its is best to use a font manager to check the font’s encoding.

I would have thrown out a variable font that has a TTF extension… 69.00 down the drain!