What's the difference between Plus Credit and Store Credit?

Ever wondered what the difference between these two numbers are?

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I’m happy to explain the difference for you!

Plus Credits (97.58) can be used on the 16,000+ Plus Products. You can find all of those here. The products are paid with points.

Store Credit ($13.22) can be used on products throughout the marketplace. These are paid in dollars (in your selected currency) and will use any store credit you have available as the default payment method. For example, I would need to have $13.22 or less in my cart to use store credit. If I put $15 in my cart I would have to purchase more store credit or use a card / PayPal.

Plus Credits can not be used on the curated Bundles, but store credit can if you have enough.


A completely incomprehensible system.
Why should I buy if I sell?
Who is the developer of these @plus products?
Is it realistic to sell creative?

Hi @Mayya_A :wave:t3: our Plus Hub has member exclusive products created by in house designers. There are over 13,000 products to choose from with more being added regularly. From fonts, graphics, brushes to actions and more there is something for everyone! I am also a designer and there are so many great products I can use in my business! My current favorites are the ProCreate brushes and stamps! :heart_eyes:

With a Plus Membership you receive 10-50 credits a month (depending on your plan) to spend on products in the Plus Hub here. Each item in the Plus hub costs at-least one credit. Once you click on one to purchase it will go to your Plus Purchase page which can be found here for download.

If you don’t use all of your credits in the month they will roll over to the next month. Another perk of your Plus membership is after party deals for the $1 events. This means that you have 24 hours after the event start to purchase the items. Along with this you will receive 10-15% (depending on your plan) all regular priced purchases in the marketplace automatically.

If you have any questions I left unanswered please let me know I am happy to help.