What's Trending Right now or you will see in the Future?

If you were to take away the COVID stuff, like Essential Workers, Nurses, etc. What do you think is trending in the lifestyle world? Like Unicorn, Pineapple, Llama, and Cactus were popular. I’m curious to see what’s out there now. I heard Mushroom was starting to get big, but I didn’t really see that take off like cactus or pineapple.

I think Mermaid came alongside Unicorn; Sloth is coming up there with Llama… but I think our aesthetics will change dramatically as this panicdemic continues.

Rainbows are definitely still trending and bright cheerful color palettes!

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Cats and Dogs are always popular, so are Butterflies and Dragonflies…

Maybe the new trend will be frogs and 3d paper shapes/animals? :o)

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Gnomes are also very popular.

Gnomes continue to be popular, along with unicorns, llamas and mermaids

More gnomes


Not just as rainbow, bit also for Pride Month in June. (On that level, also designs that draw from the symbols for specific subsets of the LGBTQIA+ communities)

Gnomes, Tye Dye, Leopard Print.
Rainbows, Unicorns.

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Definitely rainbows, gnomes and leopard print. In the UK, there seems to be a trend for sea creatures, sharks in particular. Which is great because my son is quite sea creature obsessed :laughing: