Who’s your favourite designer? X

Hi everyone, I’d love to know who everyone’s favourite designers are. We have such amazing designers on this platform, I’m both a designer and customer :slight_smile:

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Hello Zoe!
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I don’t know anyone in person though, but I love designs created by Blackcatsmedia, Caluya designs. They are amazing with the designs.

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Gosh, where to begin. There are so many truly gifted and talented designers out there. I think it really boils down to what your end products are for - crafts, weddings etc.

Some of my favorite designers are Fluffy Unicorn and BalabOlka. But, I have a ton of favorites

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For fonts, it would be KA Designs, Blush Font Co, and Beck McCormick.

For SVG designs, etc., I would have to say some designers on Etsy. I haven’t really delved into the design side of Font/Design Bundles … yet.

I love the designs by Art Matters-I even emailed her and told her how wonderful she is! :slight_smile:

This is a great thread. So many recommendations. Word of mouth is golden. :blush: