Why does my transparent PNG have a black background?

Hello! I am really trying to learn how to use DesignScape but I’m struggling. I thought I had finally created my first PNG for sublimation but the background is black so you can’t see what it says. It looks great in DesignScape but when I try to add the file to Etsy, it’s black! Please Help!!

Hi c5ae4cc929b241c9e9f5029a03e4721b if you’ve exported it as a transparent PNG then the background shouldn’t be showing. However if you are uploading that transparent PNG onto another platform then yeah it’s likely it’s going to show as a preview with a black background. (For example: when I open PNGs on my computer to preview there’s a dark grey background even though it’s transparent).

You can open it up in DesignScape to see if it has a transparent background or if it was saved with a black background – and that should tell you if it’s a file issue or a previewing issue :slight_smile:

Do you have Illustrator? If so, you can choose what type of background is loaded for the PNGs …