Why has the my designers changed

One of my favorite features in the “my designers” menu item in the drop down menu was you could instantly see what was new from all of my followed designers at once, in porder of what had been put for sale.
I went in there yesterday and found the whole thing had been revamped and now I can only see what was newest by designer, and the two latest things without having to go into each followed designer one by one.
I have over 20 pages of followed designers, it seems, and it is making it impossible to see who had what that is new.
I miss where it was in one list newest to oldest

Hello Anne!

Design Bundles is always trying to re-vamp and improve things for all of us. We certainly appreciate your feedback and I will be sure to pass it along! :slight_smile:

I personally like how we can go through and once you get to a designer you want to check out more products for you can click the arrows and scroll through!

I agree, I far preferred the old ‘my designers’ version, where I could easily keep up with any new products coming in from my chosen designers by newest posted. In the new format, I don’t have time to waste regularly going into each designer across multiple pages, checking for whatever is new. In the old version, if we wanted to see more from a particular designer, we just clicked into the store. This new change just means the designers have lost the chance to regularly get their newest products into my favorites and cart.

Same here. This is not progress. This is going backwards. Instead of making changes that they “think” we would like, they could just ask us.

Something similar happened to the Plus Collection and to “My Favorites”. They used to be fine and they changed it. Now it’s totally useless. I’m spending way more useless hours to find what I need. And the worst part is that they are not listening. VERY FRUSTRATING !!!

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Thank you both for your feedback regarding the new updated favorites section. I will definitely pass it along about liking the “newest” products better rather than sorting by designer. We appreciate each and every one of you and your feedback on changes such as these!

We sincerely apologize for any confusion or frustration this change may have caused you.

Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance. :heart:

Thanks Brittany—perhaps just add a ‘newest’ products debuting feed as one of the tabs in the my designers section—the problem wasn’t so much that it changed to individually featuring each followed designer, but that it did so at the expense of removing a useful tool when the full ‘newest’ feed disappeared.

And in the spirit of making designer’s work more easily findable—I have often wished that the ‘My Favorites’ pages and ‘My Purchases’ pages could be searchable by the designers’ shop name. And by major keywords within the package. If I have a particular type of image I want to buy or am crosschecking prior purchases before on the the discount events, it’s one of the first places I’d like to start. Right now if you don’t search an exact word in the title, it’s not coming up.

So I’ve spoken with the team and it looks like our developers will actually be working on a way to add a tab back in so that you can search for the newest products! :smiley:

My purchases page search has actually gotten a lot better than it used to be, have you tried searching it recently? :slight_smile: