Why pay for a plus membership when I have to still pay for designs?

I don’t understand this. Why do I still have to purchase things when I am paying for the plus membership. Shouldn’t everything on the site be included like the other similar sites to this one? If I am having to pay these high amounts I just need to cancel and go back to the other one?

Hello! Unlike the all-access membership offered elsewhere, any products that you purchase using your plus credits are yours to keep using even after you cancel your Plus Membership. The perks of being a Plus Member includes: Plus credits to use on over 120,000 exclusive products in the Plus Hub, up to 15% off marketplace purchases, access to our $1 event after parties which gives our Plus Members 25 hours to shop the deals instead of just 1, Silver and Gold get free products added to their account weekly, we have a file converter program where you can convert files to different formats, and our Gold Plus Members have access to our DesignScape software which is comparable to Photoshop. We have a great video here that tells all about the memberships if you want to check it out. 54613b9dece5a2da90d268d70470f33b


Amanda, I have a gold membership. Where do I find the weekly products added to my account weekly? I’ve missed this benefit and have been a gold member from the beginning of the program.

How to do if all credits have been used up?

Hello Beth!
You can find the weekly products added here: 66feada6ce83405442ad45f882a910d9 :slight_smile:

Hello Thavorn,
If you have used all your Plus Credits for the month you could always add more by going here: c7306320047e66a1840da3fcb5fa790f :smiley:

OMG - thank you LOL. just the info I needed!

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You’re Welcome! =)

I’m loving my Plus membership! But, the explanation was appreciated.

How do we get the %10-15 discount applied to regular priced items. And how do you know how much the discount will be?

gold gets 15% silver & bronze 10%. they do not stack with marketplace sales nor the extra coupons that get dropped into my account or that I get sent in my email.

I’d suggest watching some videos

I like this one better,

I also swore the gold membership gives you 50 credits. I only received 3.

also note if you cancel halfway through the month - despite paying a months subscription you lose all your credits. Its a bit cheeky tbh but apparently credits are a perk of being a member - if you pay for a month you should be able to be a member for a month. Its not great.

see her thread on this… Trial membership–> paid full membership