Why won't my payment process?

If this is your first time shopping with us or using a particular card for the first time that keeps declining this may be why.

Many banks will prevent their customers from making international purchases as a form of Fraud Protection. It’s a great idea, but companies like us (Design Bundles and Font Bundles are based in the UK) can get blocked as well.

There isn’t an issue with your card, but you will need to contact the bank to request that they remove any International Fraud Protection from your card so you can make this purchase.

After you’ve made this request to your bank, please try the payment one more time, and let us know if you still have any troubles completing your purchase. https://designbundles.net/contact-us


I ran into this same issue when I joined Design Bundles a couple years ago. Ended up calling my bank and they said the same thing. Great information! Should be really helpful to new customers. :smile: