Wishlist Feature

I think it would be really awesome if you added a wishlist function to your websites. Obviously, it’s possible to use favourites as a wishlist, but then that means that I can’t favourite products I’ve already purchased in order to let the designer and potential other customers know just how amazing said product is.

So an additional wishlist feature would be much appreciated-


I akso think it would be nice if one purchased a file if it went to its own like purchased wish list. It still shows up in my faves and I worry I am going to purchase something twice, oops haha!

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They did make a new feature to add to cart, then “save for later”.

I agree with this! i have lots of stuff in my favourites, but the things i actually want to purchase in time get lost amongst them, so i’ve had to add them all to my basket for now, just hope it doesnt check out by mistake, will cost me alot of money haha.

Thanks @BartonMarket, I didn’t know that!