Writing Font for Cricut

HI All Crafty People, I have a Cricut machine and have downloaded and bought Fonts but unable to find those that will write without ‘bubble’. Can anyone help please? What am I doing wrong. I understand the need for the bubble effect for cutting but sometines I just want to write a message on a card with the pens.
Many thanks if you can help me please as I’m very frusatrated at the moment. Kim

Hi Kim! Welcome to the community :smile:
Is this an outline effect that you’re not wanting to see?

Hi Kim,

You’ll want to use single line fonts when trying to use the draw function with your Cricut. There are some available on Design Space already if you’d like to test those out.

But here are some available on our marketplace:


Yes it is, I just wanted to write messages or phrases om cards

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Are you filtering your font search to only show writing fonts when selecting a font within Design Space? I have found that there are very few fonts that will write. Cricut Alphabet, Cricut Sans, Hopeless Romantic, Karley, Simple Celebrations, and Wanderlust are free within Cricut, all others have a fee that I think is just for the one use.

Thanks Kate,I hadn’t seen these before, I have looked and found them now, although DS won’t let me download for some reason. I will check again later.