I’m Cat!

Mum of 2 boys, I trained in science & art so worked at The Natural History Museum and zoos/ field studies before briefly teaching in secondary schools.

Then I became a full-time body painter/ artist for 15 years, internationally, with many of my designs having a science/ nature theme. I teach / judge that up to college/ professional level. Now I run that business, a Cricut-based business, am a UK Cricut Ambassador, and work part-time in the Uk’s big craft chain.

I mostly work with card and paper as I like being able to produce light, recyclable props and accessories for my body models. But I adore vinyl, htv, infusible ink, etc. I invented an Ammon-light giant ammonite lampshade and have several more versions planned.

I/ we have lived all over the world (Scotland, EU, Belize, Hong Kong) and when I win the lottery want to take my kids to see it all and more. We recently settles in Bristol UK and are missing the farm we once lived on as we try to squeeze boys, cats, chickens and hobbies into a small urban garden.

Stay well people!