My name is Kalie, born in Darwin, Australia and currently reside in sunny Florida! I am the mother of four children which includes a set of twins! I grew up with glitter all over my house and I carry on the tradition of all things arts and crafts!

I am the proud designer behind Bizzy Lou Designs which is named after my second child who also has such a passion for art and all things crafty! :paintbrush: :art:

I started learning embroidery in 2014 once I started to master that I purchased a Silhouette Cameo in 2015. Y’all I was so intimidated by the Cameo it sat in the box for 6 months! :open_mouth: Once I dove into that it was all down hill from there! That same year I purchased Corel Draw and a digitizing software to teach myself how to design for SVG files and digitize for embroidery.

I sell my designs on many platforms but I can attest that there is no support like the support you could ever receive from Design Bundles! From being a store owner, business owner or the everyday crafter this community is made for you! :star2:

I have never been good at keeping secrets :shushing_face: so if you have any questions from how to design something, a certain program or just a how do you do this, I am your girl! :hearts: