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Creating greeting cards with text on the edge in brother scan and cut canvas workspace

Posted on 28th October 2019
1- Open canvas workspace. Click on the stamp tool.

2-  Create a square.

3- Write your text.

4-  Select the square. right click and duplicate it.

5- Move one square off the workspace and fill the other square and text with a colour.

6- Select both the square and the text and resize.

7- Rotate your text to be along the edge of your card.

8- With the text selected click on process overlap- divide. This will separate the letters.

9-  With the letters selected, right click and group.

10- Use the align tool to align the text with the square evenly.

11- Move the text so it slightly overlaps the square. Having your square and text in color helps to see where to overlap. Click on weld.

12- Click on the square you removed off the workspace. Right click and duplicate again.

13- Fill with colour.

14- Place the square next to the welded square with text so they just touch. Select both and align them.

15- Next, take the original square and place in the middle overlapping the other 2 squares. Select all 3 and align them to the middle.

16- With them all selected,click weld.

17- Click on the path tool. Holding the shift key, click and drag a straight line. Double click to finish the line.

18- Select the shape and the path. align to the centre.

19- With the path selected use the drop down box to change from a cut line to a dash cut line for folding.

20- With the line and shape selected,right click and group. Your card is ready to cut.

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