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Creating multiple colors with the gradient fill in SCAL4

Posted on 12th January 2018
*Note- SCAL4 pro used. 

1- Open SCAL4.

2- Create the shape/design that you would like to put your gradient in.

3- Click on the fill and stroke icon, then in the fill drop down box, select the gradient option.

4- A new window will appear.

5- Click on the little left arrow then click on the color box.

6- A new box will appear where you can select the color you would like.

7- When you click OK, the gradient will change in your shape.

8- To add a gradient color, double click on the gradient line. A new arrow will appear. With that selected click on the color box.

9- A new window will appear, select the color and click OK.

10- Repeat the above process again to add as many different colors you need.

11- Once you get all the colors you need ,click OK to check where the gradient will appear on your shape.

12- You can go back into the gradient tool and adjust where each color is located on your shape by moving the arrows.

13- You can also click the type drop down box. If you would like a radial gradient,select in the drop down menu.

14- Click OK and the radial gradient will appear in your shape.

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