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Cricut Design Space 3 Overview Part 2

Posted on 26th July 2017
1- Open Cricut design space 3 Click on the top right new project icon to open up a new canvas.


2-  On the left of the canvas you will see the following icons. New- To create a new canvas.

Projects (1) This is where you can access the pre made projects from cricut. Images (2) you can access the  cricut image base here as well as any cricut cartridges you may own. Text (3) Select the text icon to write your text and change font etc. Shapes (4) here you can create basic shapes like squares, circles etc. Upload (5) Here you can upload your images or patterns as well as SVG, PNG and Jpeg files.


3- On the canvas screen on the top right you have the My project option. Here you can assess any of your saved projects. You have the save option so you can save your project and the Make it icon. This is replacing the C icon we had in Cricut design space 2.


4- When you access a shape or image a new toolbar will now appear at the top of your canvas. Here you can access many different features to adjust your images.You can undo or redo your movements (1). You can deselect your shapes and you can also use the edit icon to copy and paste (2). Flip(3) gives you the option to flip your image or text if you are cutting materials like heat transfer vinyl. Size (4) lets you adjust the size via aspect ratio or if you unlock the padlock icon you can adjust the shape or image by typing in the dimensions you would like. Rotate (5) you can type in the degree you would like your image rotated. Position (6) lets you adjust the X and Y axis so you can changes where your image/shape is on your canvas.


5- The right layers tab is very similar to the Cricut design space 2. The main differences are the change of a few of the icons have moved from the top of the layers tab to the bottom of the layers tab.


6- you still can click in the layers to access each image or shape and change the cut style and colour.


7- Once you are happy with your design you can now click on the Make It icon.


8- Once you have selected the Make It icon you will go to the cut screen. Here you can follow the prompts.

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