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Fixing text errors when using Brother Scan and cut Canvas text converter

Posted on 12th January 2018
1- Open Scan and cut canvas. Follow the prompts if you do not have the text converter installed in your PC.

2- Open a new document ready to place your text in.

3- Double click on the text converter. A new window will appear.

4- Select your font from your list. I am using lovely melissa from Click on the preview icon.

5-  Check to see if the font is correct. Close the window.

6- click on the save icon and save your text.

7-  Go back to the open canvas in brother scan and cut canvas. Click on the SVG icon.

8- Click on choose file and locate the text file you saved. click ok.

9- You text is now in canvas. If it is a font that you would like to weld, sometimes using the text converter you can have issue with some fonts. For example when you weld.

10- highlight your text and click edit, then weld.

11- As you can see when welding the middles of some of the text can go missing. This error can be easily avoided with a few steps.

12- Undo the weld, then select each letter individually that had middles missing. Go to edit then click subtract. Repeat this step for every letter that had the missing middle issue.

13- Once you have subtracted every letter with missing parts, highlight the whole body of text. Go to edit, then click on weld.

14- you can now see that the text has welded and the missing parts are no longer missing.

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