How To Create Text To Path In Silhouette Software

Posted on 5th February 2017
1. Open silhouette software.


2- Create a circle (or shape) you would like your text on.


3- Select your text tool and font. Write your text and adjust the size.


4- Using the small toggle on the text drag the text to the shape until they overlap, the text will then "attach" to the circle.


5- Next adjust the character spacing to ensure none of the letter overlap when on a curve.


6-  Once you are happy with the text right click on the text and release compound path. this will detach the text from the circle shape.


7-  Remove the circle away from the text and delete it.


8- Highlight your text again and then right click on it. select make compound path to make your lettering group again.


9- you can now adjust the size of your newly curved text to the desired size.

Fonts are from and the font is called Dallon

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