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Multi color foiling in canvas workspace with the foil quill

*CM900 model used.

1- Open canvas workspace. Click on the SVG icon.

2- You can also use the trace icon to import designs to use.

3- Select your designs. I am using the cute christmas clan foil quill files from designbundles.net

4- Select the designs you want to sue in your work.

5- Re arrange the images.

6- One image at a time change the color of it using the line fill. I try to change the line color to match the foil color I am using, this way it is easy to remember when to change a foil color when foiling.


7- Resize your images where they need to be altered.

8- Click on the layers tab.

9- Using the toggle visibility option (the little eye icon) you can turn on and off each layer. This is the way we can foil each color differently.

10- Toggle off all the colors but one.

11- Go to file and transfer FCM via the internet. (if you have a non wireless model save via USB or transfer via cable.) 

12- A pop up will appear. This will inform you that any images that are hidden in the layers palette will not appear when transferred to the scan and cut machine. Click OK.

13- Once the design has transferred a pop up window will appear and let you know of the completed transfer. Click OK.

14- On the scan and cuts screen click pattern icon.

15- Click on the transfer icon.

16- As you can see only the part of the design that was visible on your canvas workspace has transferred. Click on scan icon.

17- Your media will scan through. Make sure that your design is over the foil and media. Do not move your design or that will affect your final design . Click OK.

18- Click on the draw icon.

19- Your image will have been foiled.

20- Go back to your canvas workspace and yo the layers tab. Change the toggle visibility so a different part of your design is selected.

21- Go to file and transfer the next part of the file.

22- Follow the above steps and the next part of your design will appear on your workspace. Make sure you have attached the next colored foil and click OK.

23- Click draw, then click the start button.

24- Your second design will have foiled.

25- Repeat the above steps for each other foil color until you have finished.

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