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Placing objects "through" another part of a design in SCAL4

Posted on 9th February 2018
*Note- SCAL4 pro used.

1- Open SCAL4.

2- Create your design. Place the object/shape you would like to go through the other on top of each other. I am using the font Chocolate Heart from

3- Copy the text. Edit - Copy. this will copy the text to the clipboard.

4- Select the knife tool. If you do not see it,click and hold the crop tool and then a drop down box will appear to select the knife tool.

5- With the knife tool,slice in between the 2 parts you would like thread through.

6- Select the section that you have just separated. We need to close the path on it. Right click and go to Path- Close path.

7- With the object at the back and text at front, select both and go to Path - back minus front.

8- The text part will cut out of your object.

9- Delete all the bits of text, leaving only your object.

10- Go to Edit - Paste in place.

11- Your text that was copied to the clipboard will return in place. You can now see that part of your text looks as if it is through the object.

Select the object, then go to Edit - Copy, to copy the object to the clipboard.

12- Select both the object and text. Go to Path - Front minus back.

13- You will now see a cutout of the top of your text.

14- Go to Edit - Paste in Place.

15-  You can now see that the object is pasted in place and appears to now be lopped through your text.

16- If you click on preview you can see that it is still 2 separate pieces, so when cutting your media you will not have to overlap it.

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