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Rotatable Globe in Illustrator

Posted on 6th December 2018
For this project we will need a vectorized “World Map” to add to our “Globe”.

1 - In Illustrator, create a “New Document”.

2 - Go to File > Open and open the “World Map” file.

3 - Select it, “Copy” (Command/Control + C) and “Paste” it (Command/Control + V) inside your original file. You may need to re-size it and maybe change its color.

4 - With it selected, open the “Symbols” Panel and click on “New Symbol” to create one. Name it and click “Ok”. You can delete the vectors if you want.

5 - Select the “Ellipse Tool” (L), click inside your document and create a 10 x 10 cm Circle. Fill it with a Medium Blue and center it using the “Horizontal and Vertical Align Center” options on your Top Menu making sure that “Align to Artboard” is selected. Or use the same options in the “Align Panel”.

6 - Use the “Direct Selection Tool” (A) to select the right-most “Anchor Point” and click “Delete”. You will end up with a half circle.

7 - In the “Appearance Panel” click on the “Effects Menu” at the bottom-left. Go to 3D > Revolve… you can leave the top default values but use a 0 pt “Offset” from the “Right Edge”, and “Diffuse Shading” for “Surface”. Check the “Preview” box and click the “Map Art…” button.

8 - In the “Symbol” Tab select your “World Map” Symbol. Check the “Scale to Fit” and “Shade Artwork (slower)” boxes and resize the image if needed then click “OK”.

9 - Create another Circle identical to the first one and center it too. Change the Fill to a “Radial Gradient” from “Cyan to White”, place the “Midpoint” at about 69.55% and use the “Gradient Tool” (G) to move the center Up and Left to create the idea of a “Highlight”. Go to the “Transparency Panel” and change the “Blending Mode” to “Overlay”.

10 - Select the “Ellipse Tool” (L) again and create an oval shape under the “Globe”, make it about the same size in “Width” and about 2 cm in “Height”.

11 - Change the “Gradient” Fill to “Black to Transparent” and place the “Midpoint” at about 30%”. Use an “Aspect Ratio” of 19.9%. Place it very close to the bottom of the “Globe” and lower the “Opacity” to 60% in the “Transparency Panel”.

12 - To “Rotate” your “Globe” you need to go to the “Layers Panel” and make sure you selected the layer with the “3D Revolve” Filter, then go to the “Appearance Panel” and double-click on the “Effect” to re-open the “3D Revolve Options” and modify the “Rotation” value and click “OK”.

13 - Your work should be similar to this.

by @lornacane

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