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People only see what they are prepared to see
The time is always right to do what is right
Prejudice is an opinion without judgement
Prejudice are the props of civilization
Seeing is not always believing
Justice is truth in action
Injustice anywhere is threat to justice
If you want peace, woek for justice
Ignorance is stubborn and prejudice is hard
I wish they would only take me as i am
We humans, living together is what humans do
Humans are equal no matter what
A loving person lives in a loving world
A hostile person live in a hostile world
Say no to racism
Dont distinguish humans from theair skin
Dont afraid to be different wa are all humans
In a racist society it is enogh to be non-racist.
Black Live Matter
Want it black,white,narrow and yellow we humans
It is never to late to give up your prejudice
No future without forgivenes
Violence will only increase the cycle of violence
ideaologis separate us
I Never Saw A Discontented Tree
The Earth Laughs In Flowers
Nature is Not Human Hearted
Nature Is Mother
Nature Is Cheaper Than Therapy
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