What started as a nineteenth-century pastime in the United Kingdom has evolved into one of the most popular hobbies of the twenty-first century; scrapbooking is here to stay. Providing a fun way to ride down memory lane, scrapbooks help us cherish our memories in style. We have an opportunity to relive as many precious moments as we want, however we want.

So how do we take part in this age-old experience? How do we preserve and display our memories in such a way that future generations would earnestly wish to travel back to our time, and so would we? What makes a great scrapbook?

First, you would need to know how to tell your story using both images and words. You need to use these elements to show the focus of a page and direct the flow of your viewer’s attention. Secondly, you need to ensure everything is balanced so as not to cause distraction with spatial dissonance. Finally, contrast, colour and themes all need to be blended in a way that helps convey the emotions that correspond with the memory. Let us find out how exactly we should do all that.



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