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Now that we know how to go about the business of layout, what kind of paper should be used for printing? Even if you may not be printing out a template to give you a start on your page layout, scrapbooking involves a lot of manipulation and additions to the paper. It is fundamental to ensure the paper you are using will withstand all that will be done to it and at the same time give you the look you are aiming for.

This, however, can be quite a difficult task. If there is anything in scrapbooking that has an overwhelming variety, it’s papers. There are almost all colours and all textures you could possibly think of, not forgetting embossed and coated papers. If care is not taken, you could walk into a store and leave with either nothing or a lot of things you will never use. To avoid getting carried away, you could:

- Consider the size of the scrapbook

- Slowly build your collection instead of buying in bulk

- Always have a shopping list

- Purchase curated paper collections

Though when all is said and done, the best paper for most scrapbooking is acid-free card stock. It is so convenient that some would even say it is necessary. This paper is popular because it is stiff and heavy enough to withstand all and any embellishments and photos of your choosing. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, finishes and textures; ensuring you will always find something to suit you.



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