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Pinterest is a platform designed to help users discover information using images presented in the form of pictures, videos or GIFs and also store and save them. Pinterest can be used by photographers, illustrators and graphic designers to showcase their works. A good profile will enable you to connect to your target audience and can, therefore, sell your works or get more reviews.

For Pinterest, here are the templates available:

Pinterest Gold Bundle: An elegant, stylish bundle suitable for both creatives and small businesses, Pinterest Gold Bundle contains 40 customizable templates and 5 additional Pinterest quotes as a bonus. It is fairly simple to customize, you just need Canvas, a program that will allow you to drag and drop your pictures and overlay your texts on the templates. The bundle is downloaded and installed on your machine.

Pinterest Templates for Canva: This bundle contains 13 Canva templates mostly recommended for small business, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and female entrepreneurs. Although unrelated to Canva, it is specifically made for it and can be customized using their free web-based platform.

Pinterest Quotes Pack: Quotes keep your readers and customers motivated, inspired, and engaged. This bundle achieve exactly that but in a stylish way. Containing 23 JPEG templates, the Pinterest Quote Pack is fully customizable once purchased and downloaded. It is fully compatible with Canva which you can use to drag and drop your pictures and texts. This bundle is most suited for creative bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs of small businesses for presentation, branding, marketing or promotions.


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