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A monogram is a motif of a person or several people. In most cases, people prefer to get monograms as a couple. These are especially useful in giving a personalized touch to crafts, especially gifts.

It is important to understand the etiquette that comes with monograms. For starters, a single letter monogram is traditionally the first letter of the last name. The most popular monograms however have three letters; the middle letter being slightly larger and representing the last name. This is true except when all the letters are the same size. In this case, the first letter of the first name is followed by that of the middle name then the last name.

There are a variety of monograms available. There is the classic motif of letters with any fancy font of your choosing. This has variations too, where flowers, wreaths, stars or glitter are all used to frame the letters. There is also the split letter variation that uses a single letter split in the middle by two horizontal bars, creating a blank space. Within the space, the name represented by the initial is written. You can customize a monogram on an application, or download a template. The rest will depend on the item you want to add it to.

These motifs are fantastic for personalizing gifts. The most popular being linens, jewelry, purses and glassware, though you could add a monogram to a mug, a phone cover or a customized pair of sneakers. This is where your printing or sewing skills will be most useful. Finally, your creativity also be put to use in turning a monogram into a family crest. You can download monogram crafters from our website and impress you loved on today.



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