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Procreate is a popular iPad program used to sketch, paint and create works of art. In addition to being very intuitive and easy to use, it has a huge choice of tools and brushes and high definition canvases. It is also very flexible in terms of the possibilities of error since in addition to having an eraser, you can go back up to a total of one hundred steps.

The agility of the application is outstanding, and there are no delays in the strokes, which makes drawings look very natural. Although you can work with fingers without problems, we recommend that you use a tablet pen since it dramatically improves the experience and accuracy.

In addition to the numerous brushes that Procreate comes with, you can still add other brush sets to increase complexity and precision. Here are some brush sets that you can use in Procreate:

Flora Vegetation Brushes: You can use them to draw backgrounds or thing found in nature. This is because the brushes are designed with textures tones and weight of natural things.

Dry Gouache Brushes: As the name suggests, these brushes have a very dry texture which makes each brushstroke stand out. Besides, they are pressure-sensitive, meaning that they can reveal varying textures depending on the force applied.

Snow Brushes: They are used in creating snow effects.

Sand Set: They imitate the appearance of sand.

Stippling Brush Set: You can use these brushes on any project since they are multi-faceted.



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