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Industry photos include pictures of tools, equipment, structures, and products from different industries. There are countless industries responsible for the sustenance of civilization as we currently know it, each with its specific tools and products. Photos of these equipment and products can be downloaded and used for various application including;

Generic product branding – In industries such as construction, most tools, equipment and product as similar in appearance. Therefore, you can use already available photos to catalogue your products instead of having to take each of the pictures yourself.

Books and lecture notes – To help a student better understand the mechanisms behind the operation of given machinery, a visual representation is required. Using industry photos, conceptual illustrations could be made and printed into books or lecture notes to make some problematic ideas easier to grasp.

Landscape designers – Using visual representation of large structures or infrastructure such as roads, designers can be able to more accurately come up with ideas of development to make the areas better. For instance, the aerial photo of a site where an airport is to be constructed can come in handy during the planning process in order to determine what will go where.

Interior Design and decoration – Industry pictures of large structures can be reproduced on wallpapers or other forms to be used for the decoration of buildings.

Logo design – Logo designers for, say, a steel company could use pictures of steel products as inspiration from which to make the fitting logos.


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