Bee SVGs

Happy bee bzz bzz bzz. Pay no attention to little me. Yes they might sting, but our fuzzy little honey-makers are actually the most important animals on the planet. Use a cute bee SVG to show some love for our pretty buzzing buddies.

A bee is a very versatile image - it can be adorable, playful, rustic or intricately beautiful, it just depends on the mood you want your crafting to convey.

Our bee SVGs come licensed for both personal and commercial use, so you’re free to play around at home or design a whole theme for your business or product range.

Honeycomb SVGs

Bumble Bee SVGs

A free bee SVG can save the planet!

With your free bee SVG, you are about to become an eco-warrior and protect our tiny champion insects.

As of March 2020, eight species of bee have been put on the endangered list. While you might think this is no big deal, bees are actually crucial for all the world’s ecosystems. Bees are the planet’s main pollinators, and without them - no trees, no clean air, no crops, and eventually, no life! So next time you see one, don’t get scared and swat it away, just let it go about its business.

Use your free bee SVG to create a digi-flyer, telling your friends and neighbors all about the plight of the bee and what we can all do to help. There are many charities and conservation programmes that they could donate to - Morgan Freeman created a 124-acre bee sanctuary! Make a series of stickers to give as thanks for every donation.

Suit up and become a bee SVG file keeper

Every bee SVG file comes in multiple formats, including JPEG, PDF and PNG, so you can edit your designs however you like to keep the bee fresh in people’s minds. Our SVGs are perfectly suited for all the crafting machines and techniques out there - but even a pair of scissors will do the job. Get crafting and start generating buzz!

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