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It’s nice to be welcoming. Even if you don’t mean it. Meeting new people or entering a new situation or challenge is nerve-racking for most people, but it’s amazing how something as simple as a welcome sign or friendly doormat can put your mind at ease. Pick out a welcome SVG that’ll greet people in a generous way, but still convey your personality.

The fun thing about personalizing something like a doormat is that you can give a hint as to your sense of humor and personality, or what to expect when they cross the threshold of your home. Crazy neighbors? A yappy dog? Abstract art? A basement full of snakes? Enter, if you dare...

Welcome SVG Design
1 Plus Credit
Welcome SVG Design
1 Plus Credit

We bid thee a free welcome SVG

Whereas a doormat is an obvious choice, there are so many more fun things you could make with a free welcome SVG. Whether you’re welcoming someone to your kitchen, your party, or welcoming a new addition to the family, our SVGs have a bunch of different styles to make people from all walks of life feel included.

Lots of our welcome SVGs are themed, so you can make welcome signs for a birthday party, Hallowe’en, food market or wedding reception. If you’re hosting an event at a venue most of the attendees aren’t familiar with, it would be extra helpful to put up signs with directions to various useful locations, such as the restrooms or the bar.

Top tip: for our more rustic designs, why not print them on watercolor or textured paper, to give the welcome sign a more homey and traditional feel.

If your welcome sign is going to be spending most of its time outdoors, why not make a sturdy vinyl decal or laminate your design after printing, to make sure your chosen graphics stay fresh for as long as possible.

A welcome SVG file for every new beginning

If you want to customize your welcome SVG file, it couldn’t be simpler. Our downloads come in multiple formats, so you can work with a JPEG or PDF, and edit them in your preferred design software, such as Inkscape, Silhouette Studio or Adobe Photoshop. After printing and cutting, all that’s left is picking a suitable frame - or making your own with another SVG!

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