If this sounds familiar, then it is because it is. This is related to the one and only sublimation most people learned about in chemistry; where a solid will change directly into a gas without turning into a liquid first.

In this case we talk about sublimation printing. Here, the ink goes directly from a solid to a gas and permanently infuses itself into the material, becoming part of the material. What happens is that sublimation ink is used with sublimation transfer paper with the application of heat. The paper is exposed to high heat in a press, where the sublimation of the ink occurs. As this takes place, the special paper’s pores also open, making it easier for the infusion to take place. Once the heat is removed, the pores close as the ink also turns back into solid. Pretty sophisticated, right? Though, why should you try this out?

1. It lasts long as it becomes part of the material

2. It creates designs of high quality

3. There is no resolution loss from file to print

4. It is quite easy to learn given the results it offers

Sublimation printing is popular for printing t-shirts and other fabrics, but it is not limited to that. Although the process is best suited for 100% polyester fabrics, it can also work on any material with a special polymer coating. This could be a plate, a mug, a phone casing or basically whatever, thwarting the idea that this process is limiting.

Our website provides an array of crafters to be used for your sublimation printing needs.



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